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Evidence has been found in these days (Mottola et al. 1997, IAUC 6680) that a satellite is revolving around Apollo asteroid 3671 Dionysus. This asteroid, which is now experiencing a close encounter with the Earth (the next one will occur in about 13 years time) is well placed for observations even with relatively small-sized telescopes.
A good photometric coverage is needed to determine the dynamical properties of this asteroid/satellite system. Therefore we invite interested observers who have access to suitable instrumentation to perform accurate, time-resolved photometry of this object. We offer to act as a clearinghouse for the observations, and we plan to present the results on these pages as soon as they are collected.

10 June 1997.
Stefano Mottola and Gerhard Hahn.
DLR - Institue of Planetary Exploration, Berlin.