The O.D.A.S. observing and data acquisition procedure

The CCD camera, and its control and acquisition software SPEEDI ( Systeme Pour l’Enregistrement et l’Exploitation Digitale d’Images),developed by Renaud Savalle, is operated interactively mode by the operator at the telescope.

Most observations are currently done in scan mode, which gives an equivalent exposure time of 134 seconds. Typically, 30 minutes scans are taken of pre-selected fields; each field is observed three times during a night. The fields are selected to optimize sky coverage, and avoiding areas scanned by other surveys, like NEAT or Spacewatch, as well as regions of the sky not suitable for scanning ( Decl. > 20°, and the Milky Way ). Software developed by Martin Hoffmann is used for this purpose.

Under good observing conditions objects between 21.5 and 22.0 magnitudes are readily detected. Typically, our limiting magnitudes lies between 20 and 21.