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UAO-DLR Asteroid Survey (U.D.A.S.)

U.D.A.S. is a dedicated programme to search and follow-up asteroids and comets, with special emphasis on NEO's in cooperation and support of global efforts in NEO-research, initiated by the WGNEO of the IAU, and the Spaceguard Foundation.

It is also a kind of follow-on programme to O.D.A.S., which had to close due to lack of further financial support.

It is operated at the 1m Schmidt-telescope of the UAO at Kvistaberg, some 50 km south of Uppsala in Sweden, as a joint venture between the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory - UAO, Uppsala, Sweden and the DLR - Institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetary Exploration, Berlin-Adlershof, Germany. The current system uses a 2k CCD camera in combination with an automated asteroid detection software package.

U.D.A.S. began regular observations in September 1999, with some test run during 1998. Discoveries of NEOs are reported to the Minor Planet Center, whose NEO Confirmation Page contains newly discovered objects which require confirmation by further observations.

Currently the main emphasis is on recovery of NEOs and other asteroids and comets in need of further astrometric observations to improve and secure their orbits. Through a close cooperation with the


which is mainly concerned with searching plate archives for pre-discovery observations of NEOs, we perform recovery and/or confirmation observations based on ephemerides produced from DANEOPS predictions.

U.D.A.S. discovered its first NEO

Discovery images of the Amor asteroid 2001 FX9 taken on March 21, 2001.

First Numbered U.D.A.S. discovered asteroid

(13437)* 1999 WF8 = 1977 RP17 = 1997 AX20 = 1998 MS20 MPC 37 607

The asteroid has been named in honour of our sponsors. The official citation has been published in the July 26 batch of the Minor Planet Circulars.

Discovery images of 1999 WF8 taken on November 28, 1999.

244 Numbered asteroids discovered by U.D.A.S.

U.D.A.S. Team

at Uppsala/Kvistaberg

  • Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist (scientific PI)
  • Tarmo Oja (observations)
  • Ola Karlsson (observations)
  • Johan Warell (operations)

    at DLR Berlin-Adlershof

  • Gerhard Hahn (scientific PI)
  • Stefano Mottola (CCD camera development and data acquisition )
  • Anders Erikson

    involved in the project at various stages

  • Anne Liljeström, Helsinki
  • Jyri Näränen, Helsinki
  • Björn Davidsson
  • René Michelsen

    The U.D.A.S. - CCD Camera

    The U.D.A.S. - Observing and Data Acquisition Procedure

    The U.D.A.S. - Software and Analysis Package

    Observing Statistics

    Objects observed: 10068

    Comets observed : 45

    New Designations: 355

    Total number of Positions measured and submitted to the MPC: 38238

    Number of Positions published by the MPC: 37234

    New orbits: 258

    New Near-Earth Asteroids: 1 2001 FX9

    Here you can find a tool to create ephemerides for asteroids discovered by UDAS with published orbital elements




    using the MPC ephemeris service.

    Have a look at the latest Satellite image from METEOSAT. (Page in Swedish)


    We would like to thank Claes Wellton-Persson (the founder of Lap Power) and Nicolas Persson for their interest and personal support for the project.

    For questions about this page, please contact Gerhard Hahn or Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist

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